Thursday, December 30, 2010 | By: Rey Rusty Mendoza Gayuma

Love is for Losers?

Let me share to you this short story which I have just read from a Christian publication "Our Daily Bread" in a NEW edition for the year 2011...the text is entitled ''first impression"...

The author said that sometime he saw a girl wearing a t-shirt with a slogan "love is for the losers" printed in it. Being a Catholic writer he posted a sad comment in one of the edition of such publication.
In his surprise, a letter was sent to him by a mother informing that her daughter and her daughter's friends are wearing that same kind of shirt. She also explained that in tennis, LOVE is zero...
That's why if you'll get zero in the tennis you are really a loser! I guess the term "LOVE" is also applied in badminton when you have zero as a score.The mom's note had given the author a new perspective on that slogan.

"This incident reminded me how easy it is to make wrong first judgments. Based on incomplete and inaccurate information ,we can jump to wrong conclusions and and make poor value judgments about people and situations .And that can cause great hurt to others", says the author.
I agree to what the author said.It is very easy to judge someone ,but it is very hard to ease and mend the pain that we can cause to someone because of our wrong conclusions. We should always see to it that if we create judgments, we have evidences to attest the truth. I am just so inspired about this passage and I wanted to share it, so that many of us will realize about this wrong doing of ours. I know that we people aren't perfect and thus , we create mistakes but sometimes we should be very careful with our words because we can't twist back the time to unsay our words. Our tongue is such a deadly weapon. Our words can be nuclear bombs, sleeping pills, anti-depressant drugs and booming guns that can penetrate in the subconscious of the people we talk to. Furthermore,I would say that we should be very careful in using it...


Anonymous said...

i totally agree to what the 2 authors said

if love is for losers,,it automatically means that people in the world are losers.
and God is a loser, isn't it? because God is love!

who the hell are they to say that?
i pity them because i think they haven't felt inlove or being loved!
they are so BITTER!

but i know that in some point of their life they will be enlighten of what really love is and will regret for saying that

reyrusty said...

it is so right! and I agree..
thumbs up!

go editor! love pacific skylight!

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