Friday, February 18, 2011 | By: Rey Rusty Mendoza Gayuma

Tribute to Katlyn Martinez

It's not only her personality that made me inspire about her but also her talents that she always share to everyone. I believe she is a good singer... her voice is so exhilarating and thus it alleviates the stress we feel every time she sings in the class. I know she is apt to be discovered. According to her, by next year she would probably be shifting a course, from Accountancy to Broadcasting communication I guess. It's a little bit painful but as we all know, we are the architect of our own destiny and it is our mere responsibility for the outcome of our future. I hope she will find the greener pasture in such decision she made which will lead her to prefect road of stardom. I wish a lot for her. In just a short period of time we became friends. I know parting is a part of life designed to amend our future...
To Kat, you are one of the best friends I have known. Be the best of what you can be, and in whatever you do always put your best foot forward to excel and for sure the universe will conspire things to happen.


jenefercalingacion said...

she has the star power!.. hehe:) her name is familiar to me..I LIKE her!

jenefercalingacion said...

tsk..tsk.. Good luck to her!

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