Friday, March 11, 2011 | By: Rey Rusty Mendoza Gayuma

Nostalgia Marketing
Secrets of Yesterday, Success of Tomorrow

            As I entered the venue for the said seminar, I was amazed with the decorations and preparations in the reception which is at the majestic SM Cinema 2. It was very obvious that the organizers spent a lot of time, effort and of course money just with the venue. Despite of the good decorations, I could not help myself from wondering why there was nothing nostalgic with the design of the venue. Probably I expected something like an old stuffs in the grand entrance. Something like old fashions. Well just not to post negative judgments with the seminar, I said to myself that the appearance doesn’t matter but the learning and knowledge we can get from the entire seminar is very essential. A couple of minute after our entrance, distinguished guests and personalities soon came to the spot. And after everything was set, the program came to start. The order of the ceremony went well. We watched the historical video of GMA-7’s Lupang Hinirang which was just so nostalgic and nationalistic as well. Professor Glova gave her warm welcome speech and a brief overview with the topic that we are about to discuss, and thus made me shiver with excitement. She even sang a portion of an old song which seemed familiar to me, and yes, Ma’am Glova has a nice voice. The first speaker is a manager of one of the branches of Savory. His approach for the Marketing was spelled in a four letter word, LUMA. Listen, Understand, Market and Apply which is I think just fit the theme of the seminar. I learned a lot from him because he customized his speech. The second speaker is the owner’s daughter of Kabayan Hotel, Ms. King made mention of the History of Kabayan Hotel, which was originally evolve from a seductive business venture, Anito. Their History wasn’t really nostalgic in fact it was more on Transformation. From a business that increases immorality they developed a business that will enrich the Filipino Culture like Close Family ties. According to her, they did a lot of restructuring just to change their environment like detaching the mirrors attached above the beds, which made me confuse, why?After that I realized that they really follow their Christian Faith and the true meaning of Marketing which is to satisfy the customers’ needs and not wants. The last speaker was from GMA-7 and she stressed out that the reason why they revive the old operas on Philippine TV is because of popularity and salability. I really learned a lot from The Nostalgia Marketing seminar like Nostalgia is a little bit risky but a challenging marketing strategy. And that the past of the business really contributes for the success of today’s business whether it is a good past that will challenge you to strive for more or a painful nostalgia that will motivate you as a stepping stone to change and make a difference out of yesterday’s fall.


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